It's been MAD long since a post.

To keep you all updated on what's been going on. We're so freaking busy all the time it's hard to write anything much anymore. We'll try and keep you posted for the rest of the season!!

Just got back from Vegas, which was super rad. Thanks to everyone for making it the funnest show ever.

Long story short, we've got a ton of boards marked down, and there's tons of good product on sale, and we've only got less than two months until the shop is closed for the summer!

Stop in and say whattup. Hope the season has been going awesome for everyone.

XO - transitions

p.s. We've been looking at next years product to start deciding what to order and bring in, and shit looks sickkkkk!! Any thoughts and feedback we're always open to listening, hit us up.


Killington, Mt. Snow, and Big Boulder.

All currently open in some way shape or form for snowboarding.

That's right, it's November 2nd, and it's shred time!!

Hit any of these mountain's sites up to find out some more details on what's going on in the riding world. It's officially here. Snow has already fallen in Rochester, and we're getting freaking stoked for things to be rolling.

Click the MTN, and Check it out:


Word up.

-trans. crew


Rome - PreJib - Big Boulder, PA - Nov, 29th.

Rome Snowboards, bringing the good times again and again!

Come out to this!!! Kick off the season with one of the most super fun snowboard companies out there!! And Big Boulder is always a good time... WORDDDDD.

This event does takes place the day after the busiest retail shopping day of the year, so not quite sure at this point if all us shop heads will be able to make it.... :( We are a store, and do need to keep some of the cream of the crop employees in the shop to help customers get their gear for the season!!! But we will do our best to come show some support to the Rome crew!!!!

If we all can't make it.....shred it up for those of us trapped in the brick and mortar!!!



Oh Snap!

So much good stuff going on in the shop.

A crapload of new stuff has come in, and we're psyched.

Stepchild Snowboards, Omatic, Lib Tech, Gnu, Capita, Union....

And a bunch of other goodies too.

Stop in and visit and come get excited about winter with us. There are some big plans in the works for this season, GET STOKED!

-trans. crew

P.S. We'll try and make our posts more frequent now that we're actually getting in the swing of winter :) Believe it or not, sometimes shop life gets a little busy to post on the daily....we do promise you though, that we will do everything we can to keep you updated!!!! WORD.



The crazy girl who manages "Transitions Boardshop".

Has jumped on the blogwagon to share the stories of her crazy life.

Check it out: http://shralpyourface.blogspot.com



Congrats Signal!

Our friends at Signal are killing it.

Keep up the great work guys!

Read THIS snowboard-mag article.

-trans crew


DC Tour - Mountain Creek.

On October 17th at Mountain Creek, NJ....go to this event!!!

It's gonna be a super fun time!!! Hit us up with any questions and we'll help you out the best we can!!!

WORD, see you there.


Time Flies.

When you're having fun and throwing big ass expo sales.

Here's an update from the shop on the latest and greatest...

Our next biggie is the Rochester Dome Sale...here's some details:

The snowboard and ski Dome Arena Sale will be taking place October 3rd *Fri*, 4th *Sat*, and 5th *Sun*.

This year it will be insane with guest appearances and autograph signings from:

- Todd Richards
- Mikey LeBlanc
- Louif Paradis
- Hannah Teter
- Max Baillargeon
- Tim Humphreys
- Tanner Hall
- Tim Russell
- Eric Pollard

And some others too!!! Come out and chill with us at the event and share some laughs and good times.

Afterparty on Friday at Hot Shots on 1046 University Ave starts at 10:30 pm, where the good times will roll on into the evening.

Word, hit us up with any questions on the details. Official event flyer soon to follow.

See you all there!!!!!

XOXO/Transitions Boardshop

We love you all and hope to see you there!!! Come rock out with us!! There were a couple changes to the lineup of athlete attendance, but as it stands listed right there, that should be who will be there. Of course, it is subject to change with or without notice, keep that in mind!!!

Afterparty will be crazy!! Like we said, come rock out with us!

-trans crew


Mark Dangler.

Likes oatmeal cookies, lobsters from Maine, and gettin the shot.

This edit is living proof of what getting the shot is all about. Whether it's fun with your friends, major comps, or just a day out playing in the snow on some rails. One thing I think always makes for a good edit, or I should say a great edit, is when you feel "that" feeling. You know, the one that gets you all tingly inside when it's 90 degrees out and not snowing. Just because you're able to get stoked on watching someone else kill it on a snowboard. The feeling that makes you remember exactly what it's like to hear your board against a rail, chattering against east coast ice, or the sound of slashing snow at a good friend. The feeling you get when you fall and fall and fall, and keep on getting right back up for more. Sometimes with the positive encouragement of your crew, which may be through words or completely unspoken. The feeling and vibe you get that can't really be described wholly with words, because sometimes there is no words to describe it. It's something you feel. A good feeling.

When film provides the opportunity to harness that feeling, it's a visual to make you remember.

Remembering and interpreting what it's like to experience, whether it's through your own or those of others. And how watching those experiences of others can make you want to live them first hand and see what it's like for yourself. Video is a blessing because it allows the opportunity to see what others are experiencing for themselves, and in a sense, live through their moments. That's when you know something is good, when it inspires you to want to harness that good feeling for yourself. Anything that makes you want to go out and "get it" can't be a bad thing, right? Or if it just brings a smile, grin, and a reminisce.


It could just be as simple as watching a sweet snowboard edit that makes you want to go shred.

Take it for whatever you want it to be, and enjoy this edit of some of Mark Dangler's best shots from the 07-08 season.

That's It, That's All.

In random conversation last night with some snowboard friends. This video came up...and all it's epicness.

There is just something about slow motion and big ass mountains and features that makes you want to go "OH YEAH!".

Watching that trailer is like a giant tease, it's like the buildup never ends, haha.

As like with EVERY other video out there, it's just like movie theater trailers, sometimes the trailer is excellent and the whole movie sucks. You never know until you see the full length.

This season should be an interesting season for videos, since there are like 594 different ones coming out. If there's anything that's struck your fancy, let us know! We'd love to hear what you're all anticipating.

Here's the link to earlier in the season's blog post with many trailers: HERE

Adventure through the blog, I'm sure there are others. The Gnar Wars and Hurts So Good teasers are both pretty hilarious.


-trans crew


Absinthe Films, "Ready".

This one is for all you local Western NYers who think the biggest thing in snowboarding is the battleship rail at your local hill. Not saying rails aren't super fun, because they totally are, but this video looks to be a real eye opener for those who haven't experienced the BIG stuff in snowboarding first hand.

From Absinthe Films who brought you the heavy hitter "Optimistic?" last season, "Ready" does not look like it will disappoint. It's got a nice diverse line up of riders too. Old school, new school, rail slayers, big mountain riders, and everyone in between. Just overall looks like a good snowboard video.

Especially when it seems a lot of film crews have been trending towards the street, these guys keep a good mix of everything. One vibe that was felt from "Optmistic?" that made Absinthe so appealing as a whole, was the vibe of "fun". It definitely left us feeling nice and warm and fuzzy inside. Which is why I think we have such high hopes for "Ready". When the full length drops, eyes will definitely be glued.

If you haven't had a chance to ride anything like this, open up your world, and go ride a real mountain!!! By real we mean more than 1200 vertical, haha.

-trans crew



Airblaster has always been one of our favorites, so go check out their site with all the new '08/'09 goodies at:


Go to the product section, so you can get first dibs on some of the outerwear we're getting in....as a teaser, a couple items we're waiting on are the Reversible, Javier, and JFF2 Pant.


We've already got in beanies, the Reversible, Seamen, and Terryclava. One in each color, so once they're gone, they will probably be gone for good. Same with the tees and hoodies. We're also waiting on a few pairs of goggles too.

Anyway, you should come check it out, cause there's some pretty sweet new stuff from a bunch of companies.

-trans crew


New Newer Newest.

TONS of new stuff has arrived. So much so, that we haven't had the chance to photograph some things before they are almost gone.

The '09 Ride, Salomon and Lib Tech decks have come in.

For outerwear and streetwear, we've gotten a bunch of 686, some Sessions and Bonfire. Some really good Nomis stuff, that is all pretty exclusive and limited, once the runs are gone, they're gone.

Airblaster just started rolling in too.

Don't worry, we'll post some pics up soon of the new goodies. A lot is for guys and gals, so you all have something nice to check out when you come visit us.

Pics soon, promise. If you're too impatient in the meantime, come down and check it out firsthand.


-trans crew


Bored and Boring.

We just want to apologize for having mediocre boring posts lately, we promise it won't be like this for long.

We're just trying to get everything together for having just re-opened the shop, and there is nothing too crazy and exciting to write about...other than getting in all kinds of new sweet gear of course which just keeps on coming in every day now.

Tell us something you're interested in knowing/reading about, and if it peaks our interest, we'll gather some details on it and post them up.

Hit us up, and let us know. We are here for you guys after all, let us know what you want to hear....WORD!


Friday, August 15th, 2008.

Is our first day back to the grind!!! Our season officially begins!!!

We'll be open from 10am-8pm. Our store hours for the rest of the pre-season will be:

Mon-Fri - 10am-8pm
Saturday - 10am-5pm
Sunday - 12pm-5pm

Stop in and say whattup.

Super deals going on this season. We're also having a sale that runs from August 20th-29th.

Hit us up with any questions or comments, don't worry we'll blast you with details as they happen. Word.

- trans crew